segunda-feira, junho 09, 2014


That's what i'm talking about:
"unnerving resemblance to Limahl"

Let the games begin!!!!

4 Atoardas:

  • Meh, my buddy already dit it 6 years ago...

    ... but I appreciated the way they ignored Éder, I thought they would compare him to Sepultura's singer... Which in turn is like Javier Balboa in his heydays in Madrid.

    By Blogger Rodrigues, at 5:33 da tarde  

  • Sim, sim, tinha ideia que tinha sido no teu... mas acreditas que eles te roubaram? ahahah vou meter-me com eles no twitter about it

    By Blogger melga mike, at 5:39 da tarde  

  • Done.

    By Blogger melga mike, at 5:41 da tarde  

  • Respect! ;)

    By Blogger Rodrigues, at 6:37 da tarde  

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