quarta-feira, agosto 06, 2014


À conta desta MALCAJEM lembrei-me dir pesquisar pelo Sr. Theakston, que sempre penso nele como belga, nã sei prequem. E encontrei iste:
PEZ: What’s the toughest ‘war zone?’
Tim: Portugal, no question; the roads are terrible, the temperature is 45 degrees and the stage distances are crazy, 250 or 260 kilometres all the time. In addition to those factors, the racing is completely uncontrolled, there’s no pattern to it. In a big race in Belgium, it will start reasonably steadily and when the big riders go, you either go with them, or you can’t. In Portugal they just attack from the start, crazy! There are always Italian and Spanish teams riding too, so it’s good quality fields.
Probably the worst thing though, is that Portugal is out on a limb in Europe and you never get recognition for your performances. I was there recently and they still regard Cayn Theakston (British winner of the Tour of Portugal in 1988) like David Beckham, he’s a legend but hardly anyone has heard of him, outside of Portugal.